How It Works


Get the help you need, whether it is web design and SEO through to household chores and more. For everything that you need done but don’t have the time / knowhow to do you will find an expert available here on
And it is all FREE!!

1. Find a service that you need

Use the simple search fields to find the person you need in the area you live. Compare prices, portfolios, delivery time, and community recommendations in order to find the best provider that best suits your needs.

2. Contact Your Provider

We believe in keeping things simple. Once you have found a provider(s) you like you simply contact them via this website. If this is your first time using (welcome) then you will be asked to register an account.
Don’t worry it is free and your privacy is assured
Then you message your selected provider(s) within the admin area

3. Manage transactions

Once you have messaged a provider they will either answer you straightaway or they will receive an email form us telling them of your inquiry.
They will answer you via the message board and if you are not on-line you will similarly be emailed that they have responded
We suggest you use the messenger bard until you are satisfied with your choice of provider.

4. Organise To Get The Service Done

Once you have asked all the questions you have and are happy with the service performed, you can move the conversation to email or phone or indeed stay on our platform if you wish.
NOTE: You pay the provider directly, we do not take any payments for services rendered here. Our purpose is simply to provide a meeting place where you can find the best provider.

And please do leave feedback for your provide once the service is delivered. It helps them and it helps others as well when looking for a good provider – or avoiding a bad one!

Freelancers and Contractors

Freelance Market Lets you turn your knowledge, talent or hobby into a source of income! We will showcase your skills and help put you in touch the people who need you.

1. Post your service

Post a service offer in accordance with your skills. Be as specific as possible so your clients will know exactly what they are getting.
Please put in a typical price for your services – do not put unrealistically low prices that you would never charge.
You will have to register for an account to post a job.
There is a small listing fee of $20+GST for a 30 day listing. This can be renewed every 30 days.
This gives you unlimited inquiries and we take ZERO % of your service fees.
Customers do not pay to inquire either.

So this small listing fee is the only cost associated with using our website

2. Communicate With Customers

Customer will message you with their enquiries, via our messaging system. Which is accessible via the admin panel.
If you are off line you will be sent an email letting you know there is a message awaiting you.
Prompt replies will give you the best outcome.

3. Sell Your Services

Once you have answered the customers questions and they are ready to proceed feel free to move the conversation to email or phone is that works better for you. Or continue to use our messaging system if you prefer.
You will be responsible for delivering and invoicing the services directly, we do not collect funds on your behalf.

Ask customers to leave positive reviews for you – it will encourage others to use your services in the future.
Note: anyone found to be posting fake reviews to their own (or anyone’s) listing will have their account terminated. Please keep it honest.